Biscay Bertie's Favourite Charity

Steve Powell
Wed 2 Oct 2013 09:39

Hi Folks,  Biscay Bertie here again.

I want to tell you a story of life & death, drama and tension, kindness and charity.

It all began early last week when my Aunties, Lucie Sophie, arrived in Corfu for a weeks adventure with Mum & Dad on UHURU. No sooner had we left Corfu I started to be sick. Now as you all know, they don’t call me Biscay for nothing, I don’t get sea sick. Then everything went ‘pear shaped’ when I started making a horrible mess all over Dad’s lovely boat, from both ends, and with blood. It was very frightening, I didn’t know what to do and nor did Mum & Dad, poor things rushing all over the place with buckets of water slooshing down the decks. Sorry if this is all too much information, but I thought ‘the end was neigh’.

It took us forever to get to the next island, Paxos, by that time I was really not feeling well and everyone looked very worried. Dad rushed off to try and find a vet, but it was a Sunday afternoon, which meant he wasn’t that hopeful. I don’t know whether you know but Paxos is tiny and the chances of them having a vet was slim. Well apparently Dad rushed all over the village being told there’s no vet on Paxos until he met a lovely Greek lady restaurant owner who said that there was a new clinic opening in Paxos next Wednesday by some really nice English vets, but not until next Wednesday. I couldn’t cross my legs that long, in fact I couldn’t cross my legs at all!

So an all points bulletin went out from the restaurant and within what seemed minutes everyone in Paxos was looking for the “English Vets”. Dad was on the back of the nice ladies sons scooter charging around the island following up ‘sightings’. When eventually they were sighted heading back to their house after a day on the beach. Well after that it all moved very quickly and in no time at all a nice vet called Russell was onboard UHURU giving me life saving treatment (jabs up the bum) and telling me I would survive. Apparently, they say I’d eaten something I shouldn’t have, I don’t understand I was born to eat EVERTHING.

Well over the next few days we became firm friends and I learned all about their fantastic work in Paxos. I was also very famous in the village as everyone wanted to know how I was, and pet me.
L-R: Russell and his wife Chris showing off their new clinic and the all important Gas Anesthetic Equipment. The Cat haven in Lagos, Paxos is well known for it many stray cats. And Beans, Bertie & Lindsey who started the Paws Paxos Charity.

What I learnt was that these nice people all give their time free and travel over to Paxos to help treat all the animals at their own cost. They now have a wonderful new clinic but it costs over 9000 Euros a year to run the clinic as all the treatments are free and only supported by donations.

So I thought as I have so many fans and followers out there in the blogosphere I would ask you all if you can make a small donation to these dedicated people who went the 'extra mile' for me when I thought 'the end was neigh'.

To donate even a little amount please go to my Just Giving page at

If you want to read all about the great work they do check out their website at

As you can see thanks to Russell and his nice friends at Paws I was soon back charging around on the beach

Me after my ‘life saving’ treatment as you can see ‘back to the old normal action man Bertie’.

Please do take a moment to support my favourite charity
at I promise to write a thank you to everyone who supports me and it will come with lots of luv and a very big sandy lick.

Luv to all

Biscay Bertie

2nd October 2013