Heading North AGAIN!

Steve Powell
Fri 8 Apr 2011 10:45

Well here we go again, we are setting out to head for warmer climes again. Hopefully all goes well. The forecast looks good, a bit blowy for the first 36 hours then it should ease off as we get further north.

It has been a busy few days but we have managed to get everything fixed with the kind help of a lot of people here in the Falklands. Special mention must go to Chris, the Skipper of one of Skip Novak's boats Pelagic,  he spent all day Sunday fixing our electrics which was our biggest concern. We have also managed to jerry rig the davits, and fixed the hydraulic furling, so all should be well.

In between all of that we have managed to live a fairly full Falklands social life, battleground tours, basketball and squash at the sports center, rock climbing, Salsa lessons, third in a pub quiz (only 4 teams}, and we’ve made a few friends. Once again I have to say what a special place this is.

For the record a couple of pictures for you.....

A bent and twisted 3/8th stainless steel davit arm. One wave did this.

A sad looking UHURU  after we took two waves over our transom. We were lucky to save the tender.

A very tired but happy crew at 3 o’clock in the morning after getting into Port Stanley, celebrating with whisky and M & M’s.
L-R: Dave, Fiona, Chris and a very tired, unshaven Captain Fluff.

Well wish us luck, we should be in warmer climes soon.

All the best

Steve & the crew.


7th April 2011