In between.....

Steve Powell
Thu 24 Feb 2011 15:09

In between all the challenges and daring do, we have had some of the most sublime moments any sailor could hope for in a lifetime on the water.

So as we come to the end of this section and Mike heads for home and the kids, I thought I’d just take the opportunity to share some wonderful moments with you.....

Sailing up Canal Union to Puerto Natales with Mount Burney behind.

Running with 30kts behind, just a headsail is more than enough in these conditions.

Looming menace of a glacier with trees in the foreground.

Constantly changing weather

A condor flies high above us.

Late evening in Caleta Fog, named by Captain Fitzroy on the ‘Beagle’ when they had to wait in here because fog prevented them from going through the Angostura Kirke narrows. We had upwards of thirty dolphin keep us company for over an hour while we had our early evening Gin & Tonics. The little island on the left which has no name , we named Japanese Island because of the Bonsai looking stunted tree.

And finally........


Fresh scallops straight from the fishing boats. Cost: two cans of beer for as many as we could grab.

Beans and Willie arrive in a few days, so we are looking forward to more civilised conversation and Canapés. And, of course, more adventures ahead.

Luv to all


24th February 2011