The Start

Steve Powell
Sun 23 Nov 2008 13:00

Well we’re off and clear..... That was the scariest start any of us has ever been in!!!! We’re still shaking.

We decided to come in at the committee boat end on starboard and gybe on the line. We figured well there would be a lot of people holding back. But there wasn’t.... And just about everyone else decided to do the same, except a cat that decide to MOTOR up the line straight at us!

We ended up in a full on nightmare, where at one moment we had a large set of davits with a dingy and engine on swing over our port beam, with Charlie trying to push them off!!! We very nearly climbed up Sotto Vento’s transom but managed to find a gap. All racing discipline seemed to go out the window as at one point I saw a Swiss boat with no sail up MOTORING directly towards us right on the start line!! What was that all about?

Well we survived and we are about to tuck in to supper. Virgin Gin and Tonics all around and lots of pats on backs as we realise how close to a disaster it was.

Sorry no pics... All way too busy

Steve and the ARC Team

23rd November 2008

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