At work, rest and play.....

Steve Powell
Fri 28 Nov 2008 11:50
Well we are now well set on our course for the Caribbean. Most of the exciting navigation and accessing wind and weather effect is over for the moment, our strategy is set and we are committed. Now we just have to dig in and do the miles, we have a little over two thousand miles to go. We have just done two back to back 200 mile days which is great. Our next course change is in two days time and then after that we probably won’t change course again until we get there! We are now into a different kind of sailing, it’s about how we all get on together, 24/7, on a small boat in the middle of the Atlantic. Fortunately Maritime law still gives the skipper pretty wide ranging powers to quell any mutinous crew, I am thinking ‘keel hauling’ or possibly even the plank!

We are all settling in well, the daily routine of watches and sleep is becoming very quiet normal, and everyone is getting used to getting sleep whenever they can.  Daily life is reasonably comfortable, we are sailing downwind so apart from it being a little ‘roly poly’ life can go on quite normally. We gather together at 5:30pm for our virgin G & T’s and the days briefing before dinner. But apart for that we can live reasonably separate lives as we are all on different schedules. Generally people seem to gather on deck in the afternoon to sunbath, talk, try and catch fish and generally be social. Some of them even ‘exercise’.

Dawson, well known for his physique, shows us the way to go. Under close supervision from his personal trainer.

After a vigorous workout Dawson ‘The Buddha’ Penn, relaxes in the sun flexing his pecks. Meanwhile, Hughie is exercising his two index fingers trying to type!

I am a little concerned that I may have given you the impression that we are hardcore adventures battling against the elements day and night. Well it’s not quite like that, most of the time is spent sunbathing and discussing literary works on the foredeck.

“So Claire, in this weeks Hallo magazine how do you feel they’ve handled the complex relationship between Posh & Becks and their lack of an appearance on Strictly yet?” Of course, ALL the magazines on board were left onboard by Beans!!

Josh is attentive as ever, “ Ah, Mr Lightyear, have you finished with the Times, would you care to take the noon day sightings.”

The highlight of the day is Josh’s noon sighting’s. Who needs technology, Josh is always nearly right!

We seem to lose more fish than we bring in, another one happened while writing this. We heard the reel running out, I leap on deck, everyone runs around looking excited. This time I was first to the rod and had the now infamous ‘gimp’ device strapped around my tender areas. And we then haul like hell to try to bring the fish in but as we have ‘Big Red’ up and can’t slow down so we invariably lose them, as we did this time. If you have every tried to bring in a fish while doing 8-10 kts in the opposite direction you’ll understand why even the smallest fish seems like a monster. We have had some success though a couple of Dorado.

Buzz with our latest Dorado, tasted  good, half for sashimi, have in breadcrumbs and lemon.

The  guys have all been away from home for over a week now so I thought the ladies might like a little gallery of ‘Hunks’ just to see how ‘buff’ your guys are getting. We have plans for a ‘charity calendar’ before the end of the trip..... You know the kind. :-)


L-R: Dawson has that ‘Blood of Nelson’ look. Peter, has that stylish “Gap” sailor look

L-R: Hughie, they don’t come much saltier than this old sea dog. And one for the Ladies, Buzz Lightyear saves the world.
And Charlie “soon to be buff” makes do with Suduco.

Ladies I hoped you enjoyed the guys at work, rest and play.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend for friends and family in the States. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We don’t have many Turkeys here so we had to make do with ‘chicken in a bag’.

This is the weekend that all my riding buddies traditionally do the LA-Barstow-Vegas Desert ride. 500 plus miles of great off-road riding. Once again guys I am “thinking of all the good times I am missing having good times.” Thinking of you guys. I think brother Mike is doing it “Iron Butt”, both ways back to back, this year. Not easy Mike, but you can do it.  Please all ride safely, and come home in one piece. I expect a full report.

Well as they say “another day in the life off.......” or maybe they don’t say that. Who are they, anyway? And what are they doing in my blog.

G&T time soon and dinner, the real highlight of the day.

Love to all


28th November 2008

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