No sparkling Trophies... But Job done.

Steve Powell
Mon 22 Dec 2008 13:59
At last the results are through. As many of you know there is nothing simple about racing under handicap rules, especially the ARC which has the added dimension of engine use. Oh, how I long to get back to the joys of ‘One Design’ no handicap racing!  

So, this is how I interpret (or ‘spin’) our results.....

15th boat across the line in St Lucia.
12th overall in Class/Division

But the ‘Biggy’ is we beat ALL the other big Oysters.

1st Oyster in Class/Division. Which is exactly what we set out to do.  Most importantly we beat all the Oyster 655’s, Oyster’s hot Racer/Crusiers, including Sotto Vento and Acheron who we have been racing against all summer.

Happy days.............. Well done crew, great effort and thanks for everyone’s support it was much appreciated.

Blog Update......
The Blog would appear to be very popular and I get more people every week asking to go on the list. Plus I am hearing from people that I have never met! I guess they are receiving forwarded versions. It’s very, very flattering and adds a whole new dimension to our adventure. One side benefit to the blog is that I have gone out and brought a proper camera, the first I have owned in over 15 years!!.  The adventure and the telling of the story has reignited my love of pictures.  So watch this space. It has started already with a picture in the Oyster 2009 calendar and a photo spread in the latest Oyster Magazine.  

Professional travel photographer here I come!! :-)

Anyhow, for those of you that missed the early Blogs, or those that just want to go back and have a look at the old ones, I have set up a very simple ‘Blog site’, which shows all the old blogs plus will be updated with all the new ones and it shows on a world map where all the blogs were written. Which is in effect is our route.

Please find it at

No username or password needed. Please feel free to pass this info on to friends etc,.

Well we are back in the UK now. Josh and Claire are looking after UHURU in the Caribbean for the next month or so. We have a charter over the Christmas and New Year period which should keep them busy and then they head up to Antigua to get some work done on her. Meanwhile, ‘Big Red’ is going back to Germany for mega repairs. All that ‘gaffa tape’ got us to St Lucia, or nearly, but means a major refit!

We will be rejoining UHURU early February in the British Virgin Islands and cruising the Caribbean, including the Antigua Oyster Regatta, until May then we plan to head up the East Coast of America to New York. So I will probably not do another Blog until we start going up the East Coast, the next leg of out adventure, as in the current climate constant reminders of us cruising in the Caribbean can only lead to anger, resentment and maybe even a little bitterness......... :-)  (Please smile at this point, and mutter ‘you bugger Powell’ under your breath).

Have a very very Happy Christmas and a ‘Lucky’ New Year, which is what we all need.

Love to all

Steve & Beans.

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