Frustrating, frustrating, and bloody frustrating!!!

Steve Powell
Tue 9 Dec 2008 19:53

19:05 GMT (16:15 Local)

This is a nightmare!!! We are just 100 miles away from the finish line and we have to get across the line before 09:08am GMT  (05:08am Local) in order to beat our main rival Sotto Vento, an Oyster 655. The forecast winds of 18 –23kts, have just not happened and we are struggling along with between 11-14kts. It’s just not enough, without “Big Red”. We also have some difficult direction decisions to make, all of them come with a price!

Josh has just come on watch and has been implored to “pull something out of the bag”. His response was less than encouraging..... “This is the time to be prepared to be disappointed”.

But we haven’t given up yet, Beans, Diggie (Peter’s wife) and Sophie will be waiting on the pontoon with whiskey and cigars at the ready whatever the time we get in. Current ETA 09:55 GMT (05:55 Local). We just have to find that little extra wind........

After over 3000 miles it’s come down to just a few minutes in it between us and Sotto Vento. Which ever way it goes I bet there will be a few beers in it for both crews.

Wish us luck

Steve and the crew of UHURU

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