Midshipman Sean & The Princess Emma earn their sea legs.

Steve Powell
Sun 21 Mar 2010 14:17

We have had Brother Mike, Judy and the kids, Sean & Emma, on board all week sailing around the Grenadines. Great weather and some fantastic sailing. Once again Midshipman Sean and The Princess Emma proved themselves as fantastic sailors when sailing back from Bequia up to St Lucia yesterday we hit steady 30kts winds with gusts of 35-37kts.  Despite heavily reefed main and headsail we still careered along at 11+ kts, and had the odd tense moment. Beans kept her head buried deeply in her book trying to ignore it all and the kids decided that it was the longest rollercoaster ride they’d ever been on.

Here’s a couple of video clips that hopefully will give you a feel for it. Viewer discretion is advised on the first clip as it contains a little colourful language.

(Just hit the play button on the left hand corner)

Sorry, but Mike was using his $5000 Cannon ‘all singing all dancing’ camera at the time, and having written off an identical one last year in almost identical circumstances, he was less than pleased!!

Once again it was a great week with the kids really getting into boat life. They spent a lot of time snorkelling, beachcombing for dead stuff!, and generally keeping Dad on his toes.

Mike shows what ‘good parenting’ is all about in the Caribbean, Sean discovers another dead lizard and explains the intricacies of GPS and digital navigation to The Princess Emma.

But the one that had the most fun was Brother Mike who spent most of the holiday striking heroic poses!


Thanks Guys lovely to have you again.


Steve & Beans on UHURU: ‘The Vacation Location’

21st March 2010

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