Definitely NOT another day at the office

Steve Powell
Thu 27 Nov 2008 12:00
19deg 39’97N  21deg 15’72W  

0405am, 27th Nov 2008

Well, good news, we have just turned right at that famous sign post in the middle of the Atlantic saying, “St Lucia this way ->->->”. We are heading WEST at last.  We hit the NE trades shortly after 2am and monitored them for about an hour, then I called all hands on deck for the gybe.

Now I may get a little overly dramatic soon so forgive me, the adrenalin is still flowing. Gybing a 283 square metre spinnaker, is tough on a quiet day in the Solent. Trying to do it at 3am in the morning in 20-24ts of wind, on pitching and rolling seas in the middle of the Atlantic is definitely NOT another day at the office.  It took 5 of us up on the foredeck, I am up there because I am bigger and stronger (and probably fatter) than most of the crew, and three in the cockpit.  

Despite the conditions,  I am very happy to report there are no dramatic stories of daring do! It just worked great team work, a lot of getting thrown about, but very professional and 40 minutes later we dropped the Las Palmas flag and raised the St Lucia flag.  Everyone is mighty chuffed.

2330 miles to go, ETA 9th Dec. That’s NOT a prediction, just an estimate if all goes very well.

Love from all the crew and a special hug to all our Ladies. (or Partners!! Sorry)

Good night, or perhaps it should be Good Morning

From a very tired


And the Crew of UHURU

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