A guest Blog from the two Buddha¹s

Steve Powell
Wed 3 Dec 2008 19:51
A guest Blog from the two Buddha’s

This is a blog from the crew whose take on life aboard UHURU is from a different perspective. Not for us the tribulations of ownership or skippering –we know what a burden these can be. They keep captain jack up at night while we are sleeping down below, safe in his capable hands- thank you skipper for letting us tell it how it really is. We know that keeping UHURU fast and in the right direction are the important tasks, especially as Peter has a very expensive luncheon appointment on Tuesday next- in London! So where are we? Draw a line north of the edge of Brazil and west from the widest bit of Africa and you will find us about there- still! We are sitting in very unusual weather for the time of year or so the locals tell us-if only we had been here last week! So slow progress under sail, but playing with them keeps us busy and usually out of trouble with the skipper Jack Aubrey, aka Steve Powell.

Josh and Claire have done us proud, with great food and house/boat keeping. We often get in the way and occasionally help. Meanwhile, Josh has named us the two Buddha’s due to our slim and handsome images in keeping with the original Buddha, not the fat ones you see in shrines. Fishing, reading, DVD watching and caption competition judging make the time pass very quickly. But our main aim is keeping the boat going as fast as we can 24/7.

We all enjoyed the caption competition, but thought it was pity that Steve’s mothers caption arrived too late for the judgment!

Buzz has been promoted- his “golden boy” image by his special cleaning cloth of office meanwhile Demo keeps trying to pull…… fish we hasten to add.

Please feel sorry for us, only shorts to wear, fresh food to eat, fresh water showers to wash in, and all in an air temperature of just 32C.

Must go now –time for lunch

Best wishes, the two Buddha’s

Dawson and Hugh

3rd December 2008

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