Not even a ripple....

Steve Powell
Sat 12 Mar 2011 13:22

Well, again thank you everyone for your concern. We have no news of the outside world really, but I can only imagine the devastation an earthquake of that magnitude and the resulting tsunami must have caused. Our thoughts are with all the people that have been effected.

We, I am happy to report, were safely tucked up in a beautiful anchorage well up the Magellan Straits and felt not even a ripple.

There was one funny little aside, earlier that day as we were heading up the Magellan, Beans had asked if the tsunami came, when would it come. I told her that to the best of my knowledge about 9pm this evening. So later that evening just as we were finishing supper, Beans gave a visible sigh of relief. I looked at the clock, it was one minute past nine. Trusting soul isn’t she!!!

Thanks again friends of UHURU.

Luv from all

Steve & crew

12th March 2011