Good Morning Sports Fans....

Steve Powell
Fri 8 May 2009 00:17
32:58.04N 65:41.00W

Good Morning Sports Fans....

For those of you following the action closely, I am happy to report that at 11:30am (local) 15:30 (GMT), we departed St Georges, Bermuda.  

We followed a Norwegian Cruise Liner out through the ‘Town Cut’ which I thought was a little narrow in UHURU. But they seemed to have no problems, a good ten foot to spare!!!!!!!.

Our destination is Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Although Newport is very much NNW of Bermuda we are having to put in quite a lot of west before turning north in order to try and avoid a rather large storm front coming off Cape Hatteras. We expect this to go through on Friday Night/Saturday. This is the one we have been waiting for!!  The bad news we had this morning is that there appears to be another one developing right behind it, again off Cape Hatteras. So what we have to do is sail as tight and close to the tail of the first one and then go north as soon as we dare and hopefully miss the full force of the second one. Plus we have to be aware of the Gulf Stream that can add a whole other dimension to these waters, so I am told by the experts.

So we shall see.

Happy Days :-)

See you on the other side..................



ETA Newport, Rhode Island. Tuesday 12th May 2009.

2300 GMT Thursday, 7th May 2009.

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