Busy, busy, busy on UHURU

Steve Powell
Sat 29 Nov 2008 11:50

Shortly after send out my blog yesterday, disaster struck ‘Big Red’ again. We were sailing a little by the lee, got lifted by a wave and ‘bang’ blow the head. Fortunately Buzz and I were in the saloon at the time and were on the foredeck in seconds. We managed drop ‘Big Red’ in record time and save major damage. In the process we learnt the best technique for dropping the kite in a Man over board situation, something we have all discussed many times, as it’s not easy.

On inspection it would seem we blow the same seams that had been repaired in Las Palmas, fortunately we have lots of spinnaker tape, and a very big needle and thread. So we got it all below and set our intrepid dingy racers, Buzz and Charlie, who have busted and repaired more spinnakers than they’ve had home cooked dinners, to the mammoth task. It has been 24 hours now and they are still stitching and taping.

Big Red in the saloon, with our intrepid Dingy racers. It’s very very hot and sweaty down there but he end is in sight. Charlie gets his shirt off at last, and manages to get sunburned through the deckhouse windows! What that all about.

We hope it will be finish tomorrow and we can get it back up as we are expecting light winds ahead for the next few days.

We are have the worst kind of luck with fish. We keep getting them on the line but then the fish is either some big we can’t hold him and we lose everything or then manage to get off our hook. If we’d bought in everything we’d hooked we’d be floating in fish. But the only ones we seem to have is the 20 odd flying fish that we have to clear off the decks every morning before breakfast. And they stink!

Lots of fish hooked, not a lot landed!! Despite my clear commands and benevolent guidance!! I think this is the first picture of me in this series of blogs since leaving Las Palmas, and yes I am naked having leaped out of the shower when I heard the reel screaming. But sadly to no avail.

Comedy Gallery.............
L-R: Dawson promoting his dry boat policy. Claire demonstrating how to peal onions without tears! The spoon in mouth method. Steve & Dawson: This is just not a good look!!!!

Well after yesterday blog showing all the ‘hunks’ on board, I received many, many emails from ladies all over the world complaining that I was not featured in the ‘hunks’ gallery, including my darling wife. So, modest as I am, I had this one specially commissioned for you all.

Love to all


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