That South Atlantic feeling..

Steve Powell
Sat 4 Dec 2010 17:51

Well things are starting to change here, the water looks different, the wave patterns seems different and after a cold front came through last night lashing us with 35+kts of wind, the temperature is definitely different. Last night I wore thermals on watch for the first time since leaving Grenada just over two months ago. T shirts and shorts have finally been put firmly back in the draws. Mind you not as bad as guys in Blighty! Bit of a summer holiday compared to the UK at the moment. Hope your all OK, never thought I’d be worried about you lot getting cold while I am down here! There you go, one of life’s mysteries!!

I saw a massive whale today, I was on my own doing a watch when I notice what looked like a spout, I carried on watching the area for a few moments when a massive whale broached. Full body out of the water and landed on his back. I couldn’t believe it, just a few hundred yards away. Don’t ask me what kind of whale it was, I don’t know! It was a BIG one. Also don’t ask me did I get any pictures,  NO. But other than that it was a wonderful moment.

We are expecting another cold front to come through tonight, with similar wind conditions so I am trying to get as much rest as I can now, that’s why I am writing a blog, rest! Well maybe it therapeutic?.

Due to forecasts of 5m+ seas in the mouth of the River Plate on Monday I have decided to cut this leg short and head for Punta Del Este in Uruguay, which is on the NE corner of the River Plate. Botty and PK will then get a train and ferry over to Buenos Aires to fly home. David & Tamsin, and Cameron Maconie  will join us for Falklands leg.

Cadders has been keeping us up to date with the crickets scores. It’s made great reading in the morning, cheers us up no end. Hope it stay’s that way. Sorry Doug!

My thought for the day.

As we get colder and colder, I will think of you all in the UK, and it will remind me that there are always people worst off then you :-)

Luv to all


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