Fantastic Homecoming, Flotilla welcomes UHURU.

Steve Powell
Sun 12 Jun 2011 10:44

What a welcome!!  We passed the Needles at 4:15pm on Friday and were greeted by a flotilla of yachts and ribs, all out to welcome us home.

It was great to see so many friends out there waving and hooting around us. We had to try and maintain a proper seaman like course and sail set as we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves now!  But the wind was kind we managed to bear away as we passed the Needles, and the pole out the Genoa, to slide gently into the Solent “goose winged”, a regal sail set.

UHURU passes the Needles and is then greeted by a Flotilla of boats.

UHURU ‘Goose Wings’ down the Solent with some of our ‘Escort’.

The ‘Honour Guard’: Dawson, Hugh, Myself, Botty, Buzz, with some of the escort behind. (Chris took the photo.)

Beans, obviously keen to see me, took a daring leap from a rib onto UHURU while under full sail. I then got a BIG kiss and a hug.

We then just enjoyed ourselves as we were escorted into Lymington. Lots of waving, lots of smiles, lots of fun. I felt like a hero!

When we got to the Royal Lymington Yacht Club pontoon, more friends and family were there to greet us and my Dad was standing ‘front and center’, ready to take my lines.

What a day, what a welcome, what an adventure.  

At this point I guess I am expected to come up with a pithy summary to the last three years, rounding up in a few beautifully chosen words all that the last few years has meant to me. Well it’s not that easy..... I need time to digest that.

But I do know that the ‘Blog’ and all of you have played a massive role in this adventure. Over the last three years we have been able to share many moments;  we have laughed together, and we have cried together, we have had our scary moments, and we have had our moments of pure exhilaration, together. The ability to be able to share all these wonderful experiences with you, and the phenomenal responses and support that I have received over the years has enhanced the experience beyond all my wildest expectations.

Thank you one and all, you have given meaning, to what otherwise could have been a very ‘selfish’ little adventure.

Until the next time?

Luv u all

Steve & Beans
Ladycross Lodge (Home again)

12th June 2011