For all those worrying Mums....

Steve Powell
Sat 18 Dec 2010 13:37

For all those worrying Mums....

You can take the soup off the stove, and put the knitting away, and have a nice cup of tea......because the boys are OK.

We have had  a testing couple of nights, Thursday night saw a Force 8-9 (Gale to Severe Gale) come in from the North with gusts of 46kts. As it was from the North it was coming in behind us, bringing in towering walls of water behind, which is quite intimidating, until you get use to it. All you see is what looks like a two story house charging up behind you and just when your convinced that it’s going crash down and swamp you, UHURU lifts up her tail and just lets it slide under her, then she surfs down the face of the wave. Often reaching speeds of over 14-15kts. Quite exhilarating in a 42 ton boat, especially on a moonlit night with the Southern Stars.

And then last night the wind backed around to the South West very rapidly, and we had a Force 8 Gale come in ‘on the nose’. Which is a whole different experience, now you have a screaming banshee noise from the winds and dark towers of water coming straight at you. And surfing down the waves become crashing into them, riding up as high as you can and ‘falling’ off the other side.  A much less comfortable experience. Well we don’t really ‘fall’ off the other side, we slide gracefully down, until you hit the bottom of the trough and have to start it all again, hour, after hour, after hour. All told a very uncomfortable time with not a lot of sleep to be had, especially as I doubled up the watch last night, further reducing sleep time. Hard B’stard me!

But morning has come and the sun is shining, the wind is howling, the waves are crashing and we are all still here bobbing along in our little boat in the middle of the South Atlantic. Port Stanley is only 350nm away now, a walk in the Park.

Our very own ‘Dynamic Duo’, Cameron and Chris, guide us safely through the South Atlantic.

A little bit of housekeeping. Mums, if you want to contact your boys email UHURU on UHURU {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com and I will make sure they get it..... AND REPLY.

Also if you want to check where we are link to

Oh, by the way, you better get the soup back on the stove and the knitting out, we’re due for another Gale tonight, from the North, But don’t fret, we are “The Gale Chasers’”and more than up to the job.

Luv to all


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