Hey ho and away we go!!!!!!

Steve Powell
Fri 1 Oct 2010 20:41

Well we’re off! We left Grenada at 1300 today, the 1st Oct 2010. After a hectic 10 days all is ready and we are on the water heading East.

Heading East? I thought we were going South? Well we have an interesting little weather pattern developing ahead of us which we are trying to take advantage of. About 250 nm miles east of us a tropical storm is brewing that has all the signs of developing into a hurricane. And because tropical storms and hurricanes in this part of the world rotate in an anti-clockwise direction it is suck air out of the southern Caribbean directly into the prevailing Easterly winds, thus counteracting them. This should give us 24 hours of very light if no wind. A perfect chance for us to motor directly east against what is normally a head wind and against the current.

So the plan is to make as much east as we can before we start to feel or see the effects of the Tropical Storm then swing south to avoid it and give us a better sailing angle to Guyana as the winds hopefully goes South or or better South East. The storm will gradually go north of us. All this should happen in the next 48 hours so watch this space. I will keep you updated.

No Darling we are not sailing into a hurricane just using it’s outer edges to help us.

If it does turn into a hurricane as expected it will be named ‘Otto’, and it will be the 15th hurricane this season. So watch out for it.

Well we have some familiar names onboard. Olly, of course, my regular crew. Mr Botty, famed in many a blog and now world famous ‘Cowes’ winner! And David and Tamsin from ‘Twice Eleven’, an Oyster 43, who featured as to poor victims in “Things that go bump in the night”. If you don’t understand, read the blog!

Tamsin is cooking tonight and we are about to have spicy chicken with ‘tofu’.  I’ll let you know.

Happy times

Luv to all


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