Blessed with a perfect wind

Steve Powell
Mon 16 May 2011 12:57

We are now one week into our Atlantic crossing, and we are already nearly half way. We have been blessed with a truly perfect wind so far, slightly South of East 16-20kts with occasional gusts to 24kts, seas slight, 1m –1.5m. Which has allowed us to point almost directly at the Azores on a very fine reach.  Forecast for the next few days, more of the same.

So fingers crossed, I think somebody up there wants me to get home early! Or perhaps it’s all down to the fantastic emails you have all been sending, wishing us ‘fair winds’.  We have all been studiously ignoring our good fortune for fear of jinxing it, but I think I’ll take a risk.

It was Mark’s birthday yesterday, so we had Argentine steak, with Heinz Bake Beans and a fried egg on top for dinner. What a treat. Chris also baked an apple cake, with candles and ice cream. So as you can tell life continues to be ‘tough’ for these hard core adventurers.

Once again thanks for all your lovely messages.



16th May 2011