Neptune's Kingdom

Steve Powell
Sun 24 Oct 2010 13:58

At 07:11 this morning we crossed the Equator and into the Kingdom of His Royal Highness King Neptune.  Shortly after we had a surprise visit from His Highness King Neptune himself, he welcomed us to his Realm and warned us of the penalties of trespass into his realm for first timers without paying the traditional forfeits.

So for a few hours this morning, all under the watchful eye of King Neptune himself, the boats hierarchy was turned on it’s head with Olly becoming Captain and yours truly, the Ships Cat, or as the photo might suggest the Ship’s Floozy!

Hugh, and ‘That Floozy’ with King Neptune.

We all did our forfeit's and Olly enjoyed the power, if only for a very short time.

Hugh then read us a poem ‘wot he had written’. It nearly rhymes! But in fairness UHURU is not easy to rhyme with.

“Welcome King Neptune to the good ship UHURU
And her virginal crew who you’ve come to put through
Your Equatorial ceremony on this sea so blue.
Please safeguard us all on our journeys to
Land and places which are totally new.
We will all cross the line and promise to do
Whatever you command to this ravishing crew
So handsome and pretty in clothing styles new
Except for the one who’s locked in the loo.
But he asks for relief from having to do
Anything hard, so it’s over to you.”

King Neptune then presented us all with our scrolls of honour officially welcoming us to the small but elite group of mariners known as ‘Shellbacks”.

He then duly returned to the sea, and Botty, who had been locked in the loo the whole time came out to much derision.

Luv to you all

>From the good ship UHURU and the ‘Shellbacks’.

24th October 2010

Great tits, just a little painful!!  Thanks for the ‘Ratty’, Beans.