Captain Stupid.... Dah!

Steve Powell
Tue 10 May 2011 00:46

You know, when you get a little older, and believe your wiser, you can sometimes miss the bleeding obvious!

I was so fixated on the traditional route back  across the Atlantic from the Caribbean. Start from Antigua head north until you hit the westerly's and then let them take you to the Azores. Makes sense. Everyone does it.

It wasn’t until Captain Stupid here was going around Cabo de Sao Roque, the right hand shoulder of South America, did it finally dawn on him that he was nearly 2000 nm EAST of the Caribbean, and it really didn’t make a lot of sense to sail 2000 nm West to the Caribbean only to have to sail back another 2000 nm East to get to same spot but just further north!! If any of that makes any sense to you, it did finally to me.

So, change of plan again! I am nothing if not flexible :-)

We have been in Fortaleza, Brazil, for the last few days re-stocking and waiting for Mike Rapson, a worthy volunteer for the Atlantic crossing, to drop everything and join us a few weeks early. He arrived last night and we set off this morning. We are now sailing as close to North East as we can to take us directly to the Azores from here. It’s about 2800 nm and we should do it in about 17-18 days.

This ‘change of plan’ means that my ETA at home will now be mid June, a saving of several weeks. Happy times.

It’s all started very well winds are favourable, 12-15kts from the SE, and seas are slight. Our extended course over ground is pointed straight at the Lymington River entrance. Home feels closer already. It’s not as simple as that ,of course, but it’s a nice thought.

Happy sailing

Steve and the crew.

9th May 2011