Bay of Biscay... What's all that about.

Steve Powell
Thu 25 Apr 2013 08:00

Whoof, whoof to all my fans. It’s Biscay Bertay (sic) again.

Well we finally got across this piece of water that the ‘oldies’ have been talking about for months. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. They all got very stressed when I hadn’t had a pee for 24 hours, so I strung them along a bit more just to work on the guilt factor and hit them with a biggy 36 hours into our trip, almost to the minute. Loads of it. However I did pee straight into the gunnels so my Pops was happy, it all just washed away. Strangely enough when they checked the ‘betting slips’ my Mum had the 36 hour slot :-) so she owes me big time now.

Well after all the drama of me having a pee, I thought it was time to take over and get these landlubbers back to land, or at least across the Biscay.

So I took over and whistled up some fair winds to see us home. The Fluffy Kipper, (Captain Pops) was very impressed with my helming skills and I taught him a thing or two about how to pose for a ‘heroic’ photo. “Ships, I see no ships........”

But in true UHURU tradition I also made sure that all my guests were entertained. So I arranged a little Dolphin show for them, they were very grateful.

What they didn’t realise that I understood everything the Dolphins said.. We are kindred souls.  So after a long chat they left to go hunting for food and I got back to the important task of getting Captain Fluff and his motley crew back to dry land as soon as possible.

Oh, by the way please don’t tell any of the humans that you’ve got this email because one of my big sisters has threatened never to talk to Mummy again if I got near an iPad to do another blog. She said it was “embarrassing’. I can’t understand why, but I guess it’s best to just keep it to ourselves. But just remember if you don’t hear from me for a long time, you know who to blame!! I tell you the Leveson Report has got nothing on the kind of censorship that I am lumbered with. I could tell you a few stories, believe me. But.......... Well, I guess we all have to get along, and I can’t afford to upset them too much, I need feeding and walking!

Well I am going to go and poop on a few beaches in this new place call La Coruna in Spain, they speak a funny language here but there's some very pretty Senoritas.

Whoof to all

Biscay Bertie (pronounced Ber-tay)

26th April 2013