Guest Blog from the lovely Beans

Steve Powell
Mon 15 Nov 2010 18:37

Hi Everyone

Well I have been let loose on the computer this morning so beware, my first blog in two years so I will try not to bore you all with girly things. Won’t be able to do all the boaty things though that’s for sure.

Well Lucie, Will and myself and Phil (Hugh's wife) arrived safely after the most stress free experience at terminal 5 that I have ever had, no queuing at all straight to check out and straight through into the tax free zone to stock up on cigars and Gin!! Very important things that were needed. They even let Will take on his surf board which totally threw me.

I had been told in no uncertain terms from Steve, to ditch the jewellery. Well me being me its very difficult, standards you know. Well I did to a certain extent, diamonds came of the fingers , bracelets, had to keep the Rolex and earrings though (only pearls) in its place went Thai pearls and one of Sophie's bracelets that I found  that she had been given for her 18th (sorry Soph will bring it back) Lucie gave me a hard time and said I shouldn’t wear anything, needless to say by the end of our second flight it had all come of bar the wedding ring!! So bossy but I love her.

Steve and Hugh met us at the airport, Hugh whisking Phil of to some exotic hotel and Steve to my job on UHURU!! , we went through the town of Salvador and it is HUGE to say the least, in some ways a bit like Cuba, extreme poverty and then some nice houses tucked in between, have to be honest `I would hate to walk around it as I think I would have got lost in the rabbit warren of buildings that they live in, it never ceases to get to me seeing what conditions people live in, the people seem so nice and friendly though. Anyway got to the boat and Bottie and Ols were there waiting, all looking a little hairier than when I saw them last. The boat looked immaculate, I didn’t have anything to do (think there all terrified of me and my standards) We went out for a lovely Japanese meal that night and although us travellers were tired it was lovely to get out  and catch up although by then end we were nearly asleep at the table.

Next day we did a road trip to a beach so that  the Ships Bitch (Lucie's name for Will now) could do some surfing, we were going to go around the town but the traffic was horrendous so ditched that bit,  We just went straight to this beautiful beach had lunch of which no one knew what we were ordering, then stayed. After that groceries shopping but wont bore you with that. We went out again that night for dinner, now its back to me.

Bottie I think is more than pleased that I am back on the boat once more and relieved him of his cooking duties, he has done a great job for them all even doing starters and main, very impressive. I do canapés though!! and its fun to see what we can put on the biscuits each night!!

We then sailed to a beautiful island called Morro de San Paulo, in Guarapua Bay, stunning. The nest day we went onto to the Baia de Camamu. It was afternoon when we arrived so the kids and I went in the rib and did a little recce of  the place, we decided to stay there for another night and do a bit of exploring then surfing, didn’t quite happen like that as no road taxis only water, so went in this old crotchety boat round to a beautiful bay of golden sands, no surf.!!

Now we are on a three day night sail on our way to Buzios, which is where apparently Bridget Bardot used to be when she was in her hey day with whichever husband she was married to at the time. Life on board takes on its usual theme when doing night sails, everyone has watches apart from the galley slave (me) I do the food. Virgin Gin and tonics at 4 then dins at five, bed at 8 for some, the days are round the wrong way. I have been up since 4 with Steve who is doing his watch. It’s raining at the moment just to make you feel better) Haven't caught any fish which is  bummer, so want some sashimi!!

Well its lovely being all together again but miss you Soph but another time my darling. Will has taken his role of making  caprianis, a very strong cocktail( when were not under sail of course) Lucie helps the canapé queen with the canapés and dinner. So alls well.

You will all probably be relieved when Steve gets back to doing his blog,  so sorry but nothing drastic has happened, were jus all safe and sound.

Love to all and by the way when we get home we have a new baby boy to add to the family , his name is Bertie but wont tell you what he is!!!

Beans and Co

++++BREAKING NEWS++++ We just caught a fish Yippee!!  Oli has just caught a 22lb Dorado, so its chicken casserole off the menu and sashimi on. Lucie felt a little girlie and squeamish as the boys tackled him to the ground, I however have handled it like a man, been there so many times before!!

Olly’s 22lb Dorado.... Sashimi time!!!