Friday the 13th - Oh! What a perfect day

Steve Powell
Sat 14 Nov 2009 11:47

This blogs title should be song with gusto.

Just come off a 3am to 6am watch with no moon, very dark. We not only survived Friday the 13th, but we have had a fantastic days sailing. Clocking up 160nm in the last 24 hours.

We have been heading almost directly south now since we left the Savannah River, with a steady NNW wind, and 1.5 –2kts of sea current helping us.

Which did make me wonder how thoughtful Mother Nature can be. Almost any other time of year this passage would be into the wind and battling against a sea current, yet just when we all want to head south to the Caribbean Mother Nature gives us a couple of months of fairly consistent North winds and a lovely back eddy from the Gulf Stream to help us. Bless her.

Normally when we come across large tankers or liners I try to take avoiding action early, especially at night. Although we do technically have the right of way, they are much bigger than us and will hurt. But last night, because we are ‘goose winged’ which means we have limited manoeuvrability, we had to ‘politely’ ask a Large Cruise liner and a tanker to take avoiding action. Nice to ‘bully' the big boys occasionally. :-)

We should be in Cape Canaveral at about lunch time if the winds hold out.

When we get there the good old American Tax Payer has obliged us by arranging for a Shuttle Launch on Monday, which needless to say, after a short search on the internet we have tickets for. The best seats in the house, The Causeway. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Off for a little kip before we have to navigate a narrow channel into the Cape.

Luv to all

The Three Musketeers, Steve, Bottie & Oli.  The Four Musketeer, Tony, is MIA. Believed to be tucked up in bed back home.

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