Northern Hemisphere... At last.

Steve Powell
Wed 11 May 2011 12:57

We have crossed the Equator at last, we are now in the Northern Hemisphere. And the ‘Swabs’, first timers, did what all men that go to sea  seem to want to do... Dressed up as girls.

I was told that there was a theme to this charade, I just haven’t worked it out yet. L-R: Mark, Chris and Mike.

The biggest problem was that Chris looked way too good in his Brazilian Speedo’s and Wonder Bra. I have no idea where he got the makeup from. Don’t worry Kate he’ll be home soon and you can steer him back from the ‘Wildside’.

I cooked them all a special Chicken and Shrimp curry, but fortunately we crossed the equator just before the washing up needed doing, so I declared all celebrations over and reverted to my skipperly role. Phew! It was close.

Well they are all now officially ‘Shellbacks’, and apart of the honoured elite that have sailed across the equator.


>From Steve & the Shellbacks

10th May 2011