The Perfect start

Steve Powell
Thu 6 Jan 2011 09:25

Our first 24 hours has been perfect, sunshine most of yesterday, 25kts of wind just aft of the beam and moderate seas. We’ve made a good 180nm. Everyone is well, and getting plenty of sleep. Chris discovered how cold the water is by getting a good dowsing this morning while up forward setting a preventer line.

The forecast is not so good for the next 24 hours but nothing too extreme, I think we have picked a fairly decent weather window.

We saw our first Wondering Albatross within hours of leaving Stanley, very impressive. Apparently they only meet the wife once every two years on the same patch of land on one of the sub Antarctic island, after a it of ‘slap and tickle’ they hatch their chicks together, then both head of again flying around the Southern Oceans feeding for the next two years.

Brother Mike is on watch at the moment, bit of a baptism of fire for him. Last time he was onboard we were cruising around the Caribbean with the family.

It’s getting colder and we only had about 5 hours of darkness last night, the nights will get progressively shorter.

Thanks for all your kind messages, there really appreciated onboard. You’ll forgive me if I don’t reply to each of individually, it’s kind of difficult.

Luv to all


Steve and the crew.