Hurricane Bill, or Just when you thought it was safe..........

Steve Powell
Fri 21 Aug 2009 10:36
Well, a little update with the trials and tribulations of owning a boat.

As you all know last April we went to great lengths to get UHURU up to Newport, Rhode Island, as a safe haven for the ‘Hurricane Season’ in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately no one mentioned how safe Newport was supposed to be to Hurricane Bill, which sprang up in the middle of the Atlantic 5 days ago. It’s a major Category 4 Hurricane that has swung north of the Caribbean and is about to give Bermuda a hard time. It’s currently on a direct heading for Newport, following almost the identical course we took back in April.

Double click on the attachment and you can see it’s history, current track and forecasted track. Wind speeds are approaching 120mph on the leading edge.

When I asked Ben Buchannan, who is looking after her for me in Newport, what their Hurricane strategy was, his answer was essentially.. “tie everything down and get drunk”.

Fortunately, the forecast track is for ‘Bill’ to swing further north and miss New York, Newport and the East Coast by a couple of hundred miles. Lets hope so....

I just thought you’d like to share my upcoming sleepless weekend.

Have fun


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