The last 36 hours.........

Steve Powell
Sun 10 May 2009 11:58
39:14.39N 70:48.64W

36 hours ago I sat down to do another “What fun we are having” blog to you, with a short history of Cape Hatteras, the Gulf Stream and the Eastern Seaboard, the father of the Perfect Storm. Plus an update on the multiple cold fronts we were trying to negotiate our way through.

To give you all something to relate too when reading my blog I thought I’d commission this special photo of me in action.

A once reluctant Blogger, now manic!!
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Well I didn’t get around to that one, within minutes of this photo being taken the first of the big fronts hit us, and we were now approaching the Gulf stream. The winds built to a steady 30-35kts with gusts up to 40kts, (Gale Force 8) the seas grew to 4 meters plus, the size of one storey houses, and we had rain, thunder and lightning.

This went on for what seemed like an eternity but in reality lasted for about six hours. I can’t explain what it’s like, a little scary maybe, but very exciting, especially in a well found boat like this. It was certainly the biggest seas I’ve been in and all very new to my relatively inexperienced crew.

Eventually the rain stopped and the winds dropped to a steady 30kts, but the seas remained.  It was off and on like this for the next 24 hours, most of which I was on deck.
Yesterday evening, just before sunset it all changed, the sea temperature drop from 23degC to 17degC, almost immediately, air temp plunged, the colour of the sea changed from deep blue to blue green, and the sea state dropped to a modest 1-2meters. We had crossed the Gulf Stream.

Another Milestone.....

We celebrated UHURU’s Ten Thousandth mile, just before all this kicked off, with a half bottle of Champagne, kindly donated by Kit & Tim from their mini bar at the Carlisle Bay Resort. Thanks Kit & Tim,


The Guys help me celebrate 10,000 mile on UHURU. They looked a little bit worse for wear 24 hours later and not from the champagne. Mind you I am not sure they could look any worse!!!! L-R Ollie, Dave and Euan.

Well we had a relatively quite night last night and as I write we have a beautiful dawn sun coming up. We are well ahead of schedule, thanks to the storms (winds), and only have one more storm front forecast ahead of us. All being equal we should be in Newport late tonight or early hours Monday Morning.

Homeward bound to see my little Beanie Poohpa! One excited Bunny. :-) Sad I know.... But long nights at sea etc,etc...

Luv to all

07:30. Sunday 10th of May 2009.

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