Caption Competition Winners

Steve Powell
Wed 3 Dec 2008 11:51

Friends of UHURU caption competition

We are still motoring with no wind and it’s getting vey boring, we’re having to devise more games of amusement.

Well what a great response to the caption competition, kept us all amused for hours. We had the final judging last night over dinner. And the results are as follows:


First overall by one vote only and no family voting:

Since he had left Beans a few weeks before, Steve's chopper was getting a little rusty......” Eileen Penn

“Lucy’s new boyfriend regrets accepting Steve’s invitation to crew on a secluded leg of the trip” Piers Cadman

"Anyone else wanna try touching big red?!" Karen Murphy

However, there was a LATE entry from my mother, which we all agreed deserved an Honorary mention.

  “WELL MUM, YOU DID SAY THAT YOU WANTED TO BE BURIED AT SEA”   Love Mum xx (Mum, what will people think!)

And here’s a selection of the rest:

"And now? Do you have any Grey Poupon?" JP
Josh one more mistake on the midday fix and................
To the Bishop of Norwich Shoot, Dawson won't be joining us in future. Tony H
'Steve felt the only way to stop Dawson bleating on about the Welsh rugby result was to cut up the body and use it as bait' Gareth
"I'll decide when we've seen enough of Master and Commander" Steve M
Whats going on guys, didn't I tell you I wanted my Virgin Gin and Tonics at 5.30 pm SHARP! Bjorn J
" there's no escape mouse - I'm ambidextrous you know!" David A
"Do you see what happens Larry when you F... a stranger in  the ass!"  From The Big Lebowski Barb & Craig
He realized to his dismay that the skipper's order had been "shut off the hoses" not "cut off their noses" Deborah G
Asta la vista fishy! Joey
Well that's sorted out Dawson's heammeroids then! Andy Cooper
Steve had just finished with the large nail files before putting on his marigolds to do the cleaning  Helen P
"That bloody printer's not working again..where's Gavin" Gavin
'The phantom kite ripper' Ray, Fee & Kirst
"Steve!  How many times do I have to tell you:  hold your knife in the right hand!" Jackie K
'Josh soon realised Steve doesn't like being asked to do the washing up!'
'No-one plays with Steve's tackle - well not without asking!' Peter C
“This is what happens when Beans is not around to keep Captain Barking under control” Nick ‘5 eggs’ Harvey.
"I could have sworn that fish swallowed my bottle of Jack Daniels" Tony Graham:  
"Anyone else for a shave and manicure"?  Tony Duffy:
'Captain Jack Sparrow alias Sweeney Todd' Steve Rose:  
"What do you mean about not being the sharpest tool in the box?" Donny Grant
"Thanks for dropping in on Beans while I've been at sea"   Tony C
Well done everyone, and thanks for amusing us.

Steve and the crew.

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