Biscay - Wednesday 4th July - 45.34N 6.13W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 4 Jul 2012 10:49
We had a lovely restful stay in La Coruna. There was a beer festival being
hosted by the marina, and the opportunity to sample various different
European beers, and barbequed snacks. This did not seem very well attended
until the European Cup Final when it was packed for the Spain v Italy game
on big screen. The celebrations could be heard for miles.

We set sail for South Brittany at 10.00am on Tuesday, to find us in the
midst of a large fishing fleet by mid-afternoon. However come evening we
were in open waters. The wind has been a bit fickle, and we have spent time
altering the sail plan and trimming sails to suit the different wind
directions and speeds.

Last night we were graced by a display from 100 or so dolphins coming to
play with us from all directions. It was great to see, though they were so
fast it was hard to capture on camera in the low light.

This morning Avril spotted at least 2 small whales, but unfortunately they
were not close enough to appreciate their size.

By noon Wednesday we have covered 155 miles, with 160 miles to go.