Day 15 16.35N 54.32W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Mon 5 Dec 2011 22:13
Another night of squalls kept the crew occupied as squall after squall hit the boat from 9pm until midday today. As the crew came on watch they were greeted with black skies, variable winds and rain that could drench to the skin in seconds. Visibility was poor and the concentration required to keep going was considerable. On the up side, there was wind, which was expected to die by today, so although not the most pleasant of nights, progress was fairly swift.
The female members of the crew finally managed to complete a night watch involving numerous reefs and other manoeuvres without a “helpful” male enquiring whether they “could manage on their own”! Would it be uncharitable to think the rain had something to do with this?
The day continued overcast, hot, windy and humid with what appeared to be the only wind on the weather chart for some distance, so the gennaker went up and with a crack team on the helm, the hourly distance covered was some of the best since leaving Gran Canaria.
Consequently by dinner time the 400 mile to go mark was reached, and dutifully celebrated by using the last of the tea bags. That fact alone will drive the crew earnestly towards St Lucia, where, allegedly, fresh tea bags exist.
The night appears yet again dark and potentially squally, but with winds set to die out completely in the next 12 hours, any breeze is welcome. Already it has fallen from 20 plus knots to about 15, and so a race against time ensues.....
( the mean time, must see if the guys need a hand in the galley)