Lazy day

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sun 15 Aug 2010 19:20
Last night we visited a Medieval Fayre in the marina where you could buy home made cheese and various arts and crafts. Medieval fayres seem a common event in Spain as we have seen several on our journey.
Today we tackled domestic jobs and enjoyed the sun. We washed and dried the cruising chute as well as polishing some of the stainless. Ropes were washed to remove salt and spare lines removed. Helen and Avril visited the beach in the late afternoon. The sea was warm but the beach was made from pebbles so not as good as previous ones!
      Day spent washing and cleaning.                                                                              Very little tide means solid pontoons. Lots of space per boat here.
We are considering leaving the boat here rather than proceeding further up the coast to San Carlos. It means we can have a relaxed week before coming home and the marina has excellent facilities. Due to the number of empty berths, fees for the winter are very reasonable (about 1/5 the price of mooring in the solent!). There are lots of cafes and restaurants and we are not far from the airport.
      Oyster 82 complete with staff. No domestic duties for the owner of this boat. We know someone who'd like one of these.......
We are very glad we did not stick to our first plan and leave the boat in north west Portugal. We heard tales from a British yachtsman who overwintered there last year and saw pontoons torn off the dock, cleats ripped out of boats and fishermen returned to the port in body bags during the winter storms from the Atlantic. The marina here seems well sheltered from the east. which is where the worst of the weather will come from.
We now have some internet access so have included a few photos from the last few days.
Sun going down behind Sierra Nevada Mountains                                                     Fairy lit mock chinese junk pleasure boat in Benalmadena
The pale areas in rectangles are mile upon mile of glass houses growing vegetables. The coast continued like this for 30 miles.