Oh squally night! 16.45N 43.03W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 1 Dec 2011 21:01
The relatively calm weather took a turn for the worst as confused seas and squalls hit overnight. On the positive side the increased wind brought a much needed improvement to our speed. On the down side, a sudden squall in the night took us unawares and caused an accidental gybe, breaking the gybe preventer and several blocks in the process. Peter’s sense of humour was also knocked overboard, but we think has since been recovered. Many ARC boats on the radio net reported similar conditions and very little sleep was had in this area of the Atlantic.
We are trying to make the best of the wind as an area devoid of all wind appears on the weather charts from Sunday onwards. We are heading a little north in an attempt to avoid being stuck in this wind hole, which stays in place until at least next Thursday.
When we wake up tomorrow, or at some time during the night shift, we hope to see the distance to go as less than 1000 miles. We intend to celebrate with a cooked breakfast, using up the last of the bacon.
The fresh fruit and veg has lasted remarkably well. Apart from two oranges, nothing has gone off before it was eaten. We are down to about two days  supply of fresh stuff left, then it’s on to the freezer, which is still well stocked with meals we pre prepared in Las Palmas.
A fresh batch of chocolate brownies has gone down well and is a good boost to crew morale!
We realised today that at home there are probably some signs that Christmas is approaching. Today has been very overcast, but when the sun shines through it is so hot that we seem a long way from “ In the bleak mid winter”!
Happy Advent!
The crew.