Why go further? 37.28N 007.28W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 6 Oct 2011 19:45
The last few days have been delightful.
m_IMGP0795  m_IMGP0796
Early morning mist rises off the river
We have spent the time meandering up the river along the border between Spain and Portugal.
The weather has been fantastic and the scenery a picture of the rural idyll.
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Bird life wonderful; saw egrets, grey herons, storks, kingfisher, ringed plover and possible azure winged magpies as well as three times as many species we couldn’t identify.
Anchored in still waters with fab views.
m_IMGP0806  m_IMGP0809
A house boat?                                                                                  Pete in the town square on the Portuguese side
Last night we  anchored between two towns. Each had church bells competing. And castles facing each other where canons could fire across the river. Now just church bells compete. Two each hour from each side, very approximately on the hour. But Spanish and Portuguese time is an hour different ..... Think Portugal won by adding little tune to one of it’s chimes at 12 and 3pm!!
m_IMGP0810  m_IMGP0812
Looking across the river to the Spanish town                                     Looking at the boat from the castle turrets
Towns quaint and go back several centuries with unmade roads and tiny steep narrow streets between whitewashed higgledy piggledy houses. Goats, hens and pigs mixed with groves of olives, oranges and pomegranates.
m_IMGP0814  m_IMGP0815
The air smells of pine, eucalyptus and aniseed.