Tea bag crisis 16.18N 40.08W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 30 Nov 2011 21:33
After a recent tea bag audit, it has come to light that the PG tips will run out in approximately 4 days. Earl Grey, chamomile, vanilla and caramel, peppermint and Moroccan tea will last the journey. Mandy is quietly confidant the PG tips can be made to last and is pegging out used tea bags to dry on the rails for re use. Derek said he’d be happy to swap to Gin and Tonic. Doug was unavailable for comment. Pete only drinks ovaltine and thinks the whole affair is a storm in a tea cup. Avril only drinks Earl Grey, chamomile, vanilla and caramel, peppermint and Moroccan tea.
Other news: Derek was hoisted up the mast in an attempt to uncurl the top 6 inches of the main, which became twisted when yesterdays dorado was landed. Unfortunately he was unable to take the twist out, but enjoyed the opportunity to do something manly and dangerous.
Island Wanderer have been closely followed by Sunrise, a Beneteau 47 race boat since lunchtime. They called us up on the radio and we explained the tea bag dilemma. They offered to trade tea bags for beer. The crew of Island Wanderer were unhappy with the terms. They have a cabbage they are willing to exchange. Negotioations are currently suspended.