Jamie Oliver ; Here we come! 37.06N 08.40W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 12 Oct 2011 19:50
Our crew has now grown to four with the welcome arrival of Doug and Mandy this week. These intrepid sailors will be helping us sail the boat from here to the Canaries and then onto St Lucia before flying back home to resume their jobs in the UK before Christmas. We had met previously on Derek's boat where we all crewed for him in the Round the Island Race and have been looking forward to their contribution and company on board with great anticipation.
Immediately, we have seen a rapid improvement in the quality of food on board! The boat has gone from beans on toast to freshly caught Dorado barbequed with lime and ginger!
Doug caught the fish on his first attempt and it was delicious.
The benchmark has now been set and we look forward to many more home caught, freshly cooked gourmet dinners!
Not bad for a first attempt!!
We are currently in Lagos waiting for fair winds to Madeira. There are several other ARC boats here. Apparently the winds have been light to non existent for the last 3 weeks and the weather is unseasonably hot. Some crews have decided to motor to Madeira, others are waiting for the wind. We hope to leave on Friday for an anchorage overnight before heading to Madeira on Saturday morning. We will have to motor part of the way and then hope to catch some wind after a day or so. What happens in reality may well be different but we are enjoying getting to know Mandy and Doug and are looking forward to spending the next few months sailing with them.