Island Wanderer - Day 14 - 17:13.217N, 48:51.580W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sat 3 Dec 2011 19:40
Saturday 3rd December.
No squalls today, and the wind has eased, so we are currently flying the gennaker. Life continues much as usual. After 2 weeks at sea each crew member enjoys their day off-watch as it comes up. Crew are finding they need to wash clothes now, but daily showers seem to have been enjoyed by all. It is now very warm during the day.
All fresh food is now consumed, so we are onto the frozen meals from the freezer, and freshly baked bread. Derek is relieved that fresh fruit is no longer being forced on him.
The grib files that we download to show us the wind strength and direction show that there is very little wind next week on the approach to St Lucia, so all of the boats will find the going a little slow. We have been able to see 2 other bots today, after days of seeing none.
We have wound back the ships clock by 2 hours now as we have crossed a number of time zones – we will need to do so again before arrival.
The crew.