Andratx 39.32N 002.22E

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 4 Aug 2011 19:52
The incoming swell hit our anchorage at about 1am this morning, giving the previously sheltered waters  the characteristics of a washing machine, with the boats being tossed about like plastic ducks. By 2.30am most crew had someone on deck checking anchors or just watching nervously to see what was going to happen. There was no way you could sleep as you could barely keep on the bed. After a few hours it calmed briefly only to start once again around 5.30am. We decided this would be an excellent time to leave, despite it still being dark, as were heading for Mallorca, a journey of about 60nm.
m_IMGP0623  m_IMGP0624
Despite the swell there was very little wind and we had a very pleasant motor-sail to arrive in Andratx in the early afternoon.
Andraxt is pretty much perfect in Avril’s opinion. It is almost like a cross between the South of France and Dartmouth or Salcombe in appearance, and far less touristy than the towns we saw in Ibiza. It has something of a traditional Spanish feel to it and the setting is both charming and dramatic.
m_IMGP0625   m_IMGP0626
The only drawback to such an appealing place is the sheer number of boats. At one point they were arriving at the rate of about 20 a minute. Competition for space to anchor is fierce and the marina and moorings look full. If the spot we have chosen remains quiet tonight we may stay a day or so and explore the surrounding area.
(We are not going to mention the French boat that took our first choice of anchorage literally in front of our boat as we were dropping anchor as that would be petty)