Into the med!! Gibraltar 36.09N 05.22W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Tue 10 Aug 2010 17:19
Having dropped anchor in the dark last night we were looking forward to seeing where we were this morning! Tarifa was the southern most point of our journey and marked the beginning of the Gibraltar Straits. The day light didn't disappoint us, with stunning views of Spain on our left and Morocco to the right. Many ships passed throughout the morning as we waited for a favorable tide to complete our journey to Gibraltar.
Tarifa on the one side...                                                                                  ........Morocco in the distance on the other!
 The wind dropped from a force 7 (in which we dropped anchor) to a more sedate 5, though unfortunately in completely the wrong direction. Yesterday's steep seas and high winds had washed the cruising chute right off the foredeck at one point during the journey, providing Peter and Avril with some entertainment trying to haul it back on! We were keen to avoid similar seas today.
Planning the route....                                                                                    .....and sailing it!                                                                             
 (med style wet weather gear!)
In the end it turned out to be a gentle motor, giving us time to admire the high rugged coasts of both continents before entering the med and taking up our first "stern to" mooring in Queensway Quay Marina. Pete as ever did a perfect job of this new manouvre. The marina is like a oven, windless and baking hot. We plan to walk ashore to find something to eat to avoid the necessity of having to turn the oven on which would be unbearable. Plenty of salad from now on I think!
      Approaching  Gibraltar