Sotogrande Thursday 15th September. 36:17N, 05:16W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 15 Sep 2011 18:56
On our second day in Benalmadena, mom and I decided we were going to cycle to Torremolenos. This was a 20 minute cycle but on the way there the majority of the ride was uphill and by the time we arrived we headed straight for the nearest and cheapest place that sold a drink-it happened to be burger king- and we ordered a Fanta lemon with lots of ice. After having cooled down for a while we then went and searched the pedestrian area for some big shops but found that the further we went along the street the most touristy the shops became so we headed back the way we came. We soon discovered some major shops one street down on a high street and proceeded to go in our favourites and try on clothes. We cycled back home with some T-shirts from in the sales and made it back to the boat with little effort due to now travelling downhill. Then we went and got a fish pedicure before dinner! It was the weirdest thing we have done in a while and you can literally feel the fish nibbling your feet. Not an experience either of us wish to repeat, however, it was an experience none the less.
 m_IMG_0445   m_IMG_7311
Us getting a fish pedicure                                                    Benalmadena at night
Dad then joined us for dinner at a restaurant called Okie Dokies. The food was amazing!!! I had a beef burrito which was the best I have ever had with an amazing spice. Mom had bbq ribs which could have fed 10 people, however once she tried my burrito-I couldn’t finish it unfortunately-mom then decided that despite being full she would polish off my dinner as well-yes, it was that good! Dad had cod and chips which was very nice and also very filling. After dinner, we then went for a walk around the marina and to the beach and looked around the town more.
m_IMG_7292   m_IMG_7348
Benalmadena again at night                                                           Puerto Sotogrande
This morning we were joined by a new crew member, Becca, who is on her way travelling back to America-she is from New Orleans and we have been hearing about all her travelling which sounds very cool- so she is accompanying us until we reach Gibraltar. The journey consisted of large swells and little wind. We almost collided with a tunny net, well we did actually hit it, but mom just managed to do a sharp turn and attempted to break the engine by going to instant reverse and we managed to avoid ploughing straight through and completely destroying the prop.
We arrived here in Puerto Sotogrande at about 4.30 and then went to explore the town. The building and sights are beautiful and there are many palm trees and grassy areas which was a nice change. However, when we went round to a shopping area we found a selection of 30 or so retail units, only 2 of which were in use. Had there been more shops open and stuff going on then the whole place would have been very popular and many would have come to visit the area. As it was though, we saw few people apart from by the beach.
m_IMG_7349   m_IMG_7365
What seems like the perfect berth in Puerto Sotogrande!!!           A courtyard at Puerto Sotogrande
This evening we had a chilli con carne and later on we will sit and watch a movie together, probably the new Sherlock Holmes as it is very good-i recommend- and Becca has not seen it before.