Over half way. 27.23N 64.05W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Fri 11 May 2012 17:06
Over the last 24 hours the winds have gone south and become very light. Whilst reducing our speed, the heel on the boat has decreased which has been rather pleasant. As the chocolate rations are still going strong, we are in no hurry to reach Bermuda and are happy to potter along, delighted that we have sailed all the way so far without the need for mechanical propulsion.
Flying fish continue to fling themselves onto the deck at night, and one of the morning’s first jobs is to remove them from the scuppers and throw them back in. It is a pity tuna don't exhibit this strange behaviour!!
As we approach Bermuda we are very aware how little information we have on our destination. Despite searching for a cruising guide in all the chandlers for the last month or so, we have not been able to find one. Neither do we have electronic charts for the area. (Embarrassing oversight -or opportunity to practise some good old fashioned paper chart and pencil navigation? Take your pick!)
We have however had the opportunity to tap into some rather less conventional means of information to prepare us for our arrival.
Firstly, the weather app on Avril’s phone tells us that Bermuda is consistently 8 degrees colder than the Caribbean.
Secondly, Helen’s Bermudan flat mate informs us that there is a very nice tea shop called Gibbs.
Thirdly and finally, a 5 second overhead shot of Bermuda filmed for an episode of House, which we watched on DVD, tells us that Bermuda has nice beaches and is surrounded by potentially lethal reefs.
Taking all this information into consideration, out plan is therefore to approach the Island, if we can find it, during the day, which takes care of the reefs and the tea shop, whilst wearing thermals over our swim wear, which should cover the freezing temperatures and the nice beaches.
Distance to go; 300miles