Are we nearly there yet? 21.24N 64.29W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 9 May 2012 17:01
We spent a sociable morning in North Sound before heading out to sea. Avril got the opportunity to practise her towing skills when she came across an American charter crew whose dinghy start cord had parted company with their dinghy. Then the skipper of Perseverance, a Beneteau 57 who was moored on an adjacent buoy came for a brief chat. We had first met Perseverance in Las Palmas as they shared the same pontoon as us before setting sail in the ARC.
After cleaning the barnacles off our dinghy and stowing it, we battened down the hatches and set a course for Bermuda. We very quickly realised both actions were flawed, as the lack of ventilation turned the cabin into an oven, and the direct route to Bermuda took us straight through the island of Anegada. So after reopening the hatches and doglegging round Anegada we settled into a fairly uneventful sail in light winds. The only excitement came from the unexpected appearance of a squall which took us completely by  surprise a little after nightfall. Within a matter of minutes the cockpit had an inch or so of rain in it and the cabins took in several gallons through the open ports and hatches.
IMGP1543  Distance to go; 656 miles