Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 24 May 2012 20:32
We have spent the last week enjoying the delights of Bermuda and waiting for our daughter Helen, who arrives tomorrow.
We have had very mixed weather since arriving 10 days ago. On the wet and windy days we have passed the time following the progress of the ARC fleet which left for the Azores last week, as well as preparing some food in advance for our journey. Having read the blogs of those on the ARC, we realise we could be in for an interesting trip. Helen thinks she’s signed up for a fortnight sunning herself on the aft deck. Once we’re safely out of sight of land next week we will tell her of abandoned yachts, gales, whales, 5 mile fishing nets and constantly breaking seas reported by those ahead of us.(Or maybe we wont)  At least she might have some good stories to tell next term...
Some of the Arc fleet have been reminiscing over their trip as they continue the journey home after months or years at sea.
One blogger was commenting on how they missed sailing under the stars in the Pacific. Although we’ve only just left the Caribbean, the warm star lit nights where we used to have dinner outside with just a candle for light seem worlds away already. We had an amazing five months exploring and enjoying the warmth, culture and people of the Caribbean, as well as the wonderfully lavish flora and fauna, and it was with great reluctance that we had to move on. The fact that everyone else was similarly heading out of the area was some consolation. We will take home many fond memories of that part of our trip.
IMGP1569  IMGP1571
                                                         Bermuda; beautiful even when overcast
As mentioned before, we had very little prior knowledge of Bermuda. It has taken us quite by surprise. The days of dull overcast skies, constant rain, lashing winds and dinghy trips that really needed a wetsuit for protection have done little to dampen our enthusiasm for the island. It really is spectacular. Of all the places that we have visited, this will be high on our list of favourites, if not at the very top. We hadn’t realised that it is a collection of many smaller islands, with numerous rocky inlets and bays with the most superb sandy beaches and coral reefs. We have used the excellent transport system to explore the island’s treasures, including a lighthouse, the dockyard, walking trails along the old railroad track, various towns and villages as well as numerous small bays and beaches within a dinghy ride. When the sun does come out, the sea and sand just light up as the water takes on an almost luminous quality.
IMGP1555  IMGP1557
                                                             When the sun comes out, simply stunning!!
IMGP1552  IMGP1558
We are anchored in a large picturesque lagoon with no swell and much protection from the weather. Many other yachts are waiting out the weather with us, looking for the ideal time to leave, which appears to be early next week. Today is a bank holiday and many locals have their boats on the water and there is a very festive atmosphere, with parties on board, swimming and yacht races, although as the wind has finally dropped these were very sedate!
So tomorrow we tidy up, clear a bunk for Helen and look forward to enjoying the noise, energy, enthusiasm and mess that Helen brings with her! (we can safely say this knowing neither of our kids are remotely interested in reading the blogs unless they need to find out where we are because they’ve run out of money...)