Island Wanderer Day 14 17:10N 51;56W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sun 4 Dec 2011 22:21
Warm sunny and flat seas – that's the summary of the day’s sailing. The moon is now out for much of the night and is incredibly bright. In a few days time it will be a full moon and we will see if the rumours are true that you can read a book by the moonlight!
We were treated to a huge pod of dolphins yesterday evening, that stayed with us for about half an hour, and another moonlight encounter shortly after midnight.
Last Friday night saw round two of the pub quiz on the SSB radio, with team Island Wanderer narrowly missing out on victory once again by a single point.
No fishing for the last few days since we still have Dorado in the freezer and we have been flying the gennaker during the day.
The aroma of the boat is set to improve since the washing machine was in use several times today – with the cabin temperature in the 30’s most of the time, and the sun intense, a lot of clothing is needed.
Derek is now celebrating as the fruit rack has now been committed to history, with just a bowl of limes waiting tantalisingly for the celebratory gin and tonics on arrival.
Other than that life goes on as normal!
By Monday morning we should have less that 500 miles to go, so there is now much discussion as to possible arrival times.
The Crew.