Madeira - Quinta do Lorde - 32:44.5N, 16:42.7W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 19 Oct 2011 16:06
We arrived in Quinta do Lorde, Madeira, at 4.30pm on 19th October after a short daysail from Porto Santo. The island was in sight as we approached, and looked luscious and green. The airport runway could be seen extending out over the sea on stilts.
The marina was very welcoming, and attractive, though at the NE point of the island, quite remote from other areas, so we hired a car for a few days. Due to the malfunctioning of the marina wifi we were unable to get internet access.
IMGP0893   IMGP0894
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We went on a fairly strenuous walk, up hill and down valley.
IMGP0901   IMGP0903
We spent some time in Funchal, and visited the produce, fish and flower market in a traditional market hall. The old town was quaint, and we had a lovely lunch in a streetside cafe.
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Afterwards we headed out to a Levada for a walk. Madeira has numerous Levadas, which encircle the mountains to capture water, preventing it cascading down the hillsides causing landslides, and channels it to irrigation systems for the farmland terraced on the hillsides. Consequently the walks, although precipitous, are only along a gentle slope.
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The Levada we walked along was being extensively repaired, being completely re-cast with reinforced concrete.
On Sunday the wind blew up to a near gale, so we delayed our departure until Monday and went for a walk along the headland.
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