Puerto de Motril; 36.43N,03.31W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Fri 13 Aug 2010 17:56
Last night we walked across the marina into a cross between an Arabian Nights themed marina and Las Vegas. Everyone was having a good time, and it came across as perhaps more friendly than Villamoura. The night life - fortunately out of earshot of our boat - carried on we guess until about 2.00am, with all of the shops being open. Helen was fascinated to see a male model dancing on the table in one of the clubs. There was a constant stream of pleasure yachts bedecked in fairy lights taking paying guests out into the bay for 30 - 60 minutes.

We travelled from Puerto de Benalmadena to Puerto de Motril today - 52 miles in total, spotting numerous dolphins at the start of the passage. Unfortunately the wind was light and nearly from dead ahead, so we had to motor sail. During the afternoon a swell developed, reminiscent of the Atlantic swell off the west coast of Portugal.

The marina here is quite basic, located at the end of a commercial dock, though we were delighted to find it had a swimming pool, which was great for cooling off in. Temperatures still in the mid 30's, though there is a little more breeze in this marina.

Sorry there are no pictures - we are unable to find a wifi connection that we can connect to.