Busy doing nothing; 39.31N 002.28E

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 17 Aug 2011 16:22
So what have the Brookes family been up to in the last week? Very little. Helen joined us on Friday so we went to pick her up from the airport in Palma. Since then we have been enjoying a number of anchorages near Palma Nova and currently Santa Ponsa, a particularly attractive anchorage with space for many boats. We have been soaking up the warm weather, swimming, sunbathing, visiting the beach and other local attractions. Helen has introduced Pilates on the aft deck and Pete has been cleaning the propeller.
m_IMGP0670  m_IMGP0675
Marine Land                                                                                      Palma
After a rather nasty mould started affecting the water quality we have also sterilised the water system and made a slight adjustment to the plumbing so that we can collect water directly from the water maker into bottles without having to go through the tanks if we wish. In future this will allow us to have access to fresh drinking water even if the tanks become tainted.
m_IMGP0676  m_IMGP0678
Santa Ponsa                                                                                      Another view of Santa Ponsa
We have also maximised the shade on the boat using all available canopies, even the one that was a disaster last year. Moving it forward to the boom it provides extra shade to the cabins and has significantly reduced the inside temperature, which is a welcome relief to the baking heat outside.
m_IMGP0683  m_IMGP0684
                                                                              Underwater activities!
Over the next few days we will plan our route back to Gibraltar. We have enjoyed Mallorca immensely for it’s attractive views, excellent anchorages and fantastic weather.