24 hours out of Ponta Delgarda - 38.56N 22.37W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Mon 25 Jun 2012 18:01
Leaving Ponta Delgada has been my first sail in about 12 months, but is proving to be highly enjoyable due to the very hot weather, the ridiculous amount of tech and the 5 litre keg of beer we have brought with us. If you’re still confused about who is blogging today then hello, its me David.
24 hours on, and we still have yet to decide on a destination, but the sun has been out and mother has been insisting I wear sun cream. Ironically she was the one who got burnt whilst playing with her sextant (an oddly shaped, and even more oddly named device to measure positions... of the boat,) which put us 20 miles out of our true position. So not a bad attempt, we would most likely arrive at the correct country, if maybe just the wrong port if lightning happened to strike the boat and wiped out all our electronics.
We had an uneventful night and watched Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows in the evening, and today we have had the gennaker up averaging about 6 knots to the soundtrack of Florence and the Machine and Coldplay. I read the entirety of my sole magazine, leaving only half a novel, 24 days of music and 100+ films for my entertainment for the rest of the journey.
Still no whales, and no fish have magically jumped up, de-boned, de-scaled and cooked themselves for mum. But on a similar note, mum peeled me an orange, which was very nice of her Smile