Island Wanderer - Day 9 - 18:26N, 34:32W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Mon 28 Nov 2011 17:52
Well into day 9 now  and dashing along at 7-8 knots and almost in the right direction! Gennaker up during the day and poled out genoa at night is working well. Scurvy crew have been oversleeping  from time to time and delaying the  morning hoist! Keelhauling and Cat-a-nine tales have been threatened for tomorrow.
Last night we celebrated 1000 miles from the start with a sunset G and T . Not sure if this had anything to do with spotting unidentified  late night flashes in the southern skies? Consensus is  there is life out there .
Derek and Peter have been doing the daily rounds of graunch monitoring, sheet inspecting and keeping us all ship shape and well maintained with 3 in 1 and a rubber mallet!
Avril is knitting loo roll holders out of Lesley’s wool. Doug has been watching “suckerpunch” which has proved too much even for him! I think I am now able to play several tunes on the penny whistle but the rest of the crew may not agree! I still need to practice on the foredeck as the furthest point from the cockpit .
The mother watch rotation is proving a popular diversion. A day of cooking and cleaning in return for a beer / gin / wine and a full nights sleep !
Fresh fruit and vegetables  almost gone but no danger of starvation.
Tomorrow we anticipate reaching the halfway mark !
Will let you know how that goes!
The Crew