Grenada 12:00N, 61:45.5W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Tue 3 Jan 2012 15:07
We are now at the most Southerly point of our year’s voyage, on the south coast of gorgeous Grenada, in a bay called Prickly bay. We spent Christmas with Avril’s family, who had rented a delightful villa overlooking the sea. We were able to anchor a few minutes from the villa in a sheltered and secluded lagoon, fully protected from the “Christmas Winds” which occasionally blew quite strongly. We went ashore by dinghy, returning late at night to find the tide had deposited it in the mangroves, at times completely out of the water!
IMGP1239  IMGP1237
A Christmas day rainbow                                                               
IMGP1235  IMGP1233
                                                Helen and the two Charlys; big Charly and little Charly
Apart from Helen, everyone has now flown home again, after a lovely break in the sun, which included trips to waterfalls, scuba dives and snorkelling off the boat in lovely reefs.
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IMGP1250  IMGP1259
We spent New Years Eve walking the peninsula to the light house, coming across both a local wedding celebration at a nearby marina, and an outdoor baptism in the sea! The walk concluded with a stroll along the sand to a beach bar for a refreshing drink. The location was spectacular with a backdrop of palm trees on white sand, and the boats (albeit rather crowded) in the anchorage. It turned out that the bar was part of the Calabash hotel, famed for its restaurant owned by Gary Rhodes.
IMGP1274  IMGP1277
Helen said she’d delete any photos I took of her.....too late I’m afraid.
IMGP1279  Happy New Year from Prickly Bay!!