Benalmadena - Tuesday 13th September

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Tue 13 Sep 2011 15:59

After eating dinner in a beautiful quiet anchorage just outside Marina del Este, we settled down to watch an evening movie called “Year One”. This was the first viewing by Avril and Peter and provided by Helen. The movie consisted of Jack Black and Michael Cera going through eras in time, witnessing bible events and generally being very silly and rude. (If you have not already heard of this movie then it is probably inappropriate for you and you may or may not find it funny depending on your sense of humour). Avril found it “intellectually challenging” and thought provoking whilst Pete described it as light hearted stupidity. Overall though, we found our evening entertainment much to our amusement and I (Helen) found it just as hilarious as the last time I watched it-something my parents do not wish to repeat.


Shortly after our movie we went to bed and attempted to get to sleep. We were head on to the swell so we were acceptably comfortable as we drifted off.


3 hours later we hear a crash as something gets thrown across the boat-we later found out that it was a fly killer, thankfully the one that was guff to begin with so no great loss there apart from sleep on our part.


Multiple crashes and another hour after that and we abandon the attempt to sleep as we had swung round, now beam on to the beach and the swell was too rough and little of our possessions were still in their original position. By this point dad had been kicked out of bed for a midnight exploration 8 times, 5 of these checking if we had dragged anchor. We were all awake by this point, as we had been for a while, so we decided to continue on our journey under the light of a full moon.


I was not happy when after sleeping in the cockpit, I started to turn over to drift back to sleep when dad told me he was going to sleep so I had to stay awake to keep a look out. I was just managing to keep my eyes open-or at least open them every few seconds and look around-but then mom came up and switched with dad so once again I went back to sleep. During the journey dad saw a dolphin swimming along with us and mom saw more flying fish accompanying us in the water.


We arrived in Benalmadena at 10 o’clock, and had to wait over an hour for the Marineiro’s to stop drinking their morning coffee and get to work and put us only one pontoon down from where we had been waiting. Since then, mom and dad have once again cleaned the boat down, and mom and I created an amazing bacon and avocado salad with balsamic dressing, lettuce, cucumber and sun dried tomatoes. Now we are baking in the heat, wishing for a breeze to come along whilst watching tourist boats go by and summoning up the energy to visit the supermarket. Oh and dad has just started snoring… :D